Protector LE was a clone of the arcade game Defender. After the original version of the game sold out, the unlimited version of Protector/Y*A*S*I was released, with the newly-coded game of Y*A*S*I being included, which was a clone of the arcade game Space Invaders.

Years later, a batch of 50 professionally-produced Y* A* S* I overlays were commissioned by Pascual Nicholson (aka VectrexMad!) in 2014. They were designed to capture the spirit of the original Space Invaders arcade artwork and were based on the ParaJVE overlay for Y* A* S* I. Artist Parabellum gave permission to base the overlays on his design.

High quality

These finished overlays were:

  • Screen printed in eight colors (By comparison, Mine Storm and Pole Position used four colors.)
  • Professionally die cut
  • 20 mils thick

Timeline and availability

Nicholson announced the project in November, 2013. The overlays went on sale in April, 2014, and the majority of the batch of 50 were sold out within a month. What Nicholson called the "perfects" were gone by May, 2014. A few remainders with light, barely-perceptible scratches sold out in December, 2014.


The following prices bought one Y* A* S* I overlay including postage and packing to the recipient's region as follows:

  • £13.16 (UK)
  • £15.51 (EU, Sweden, Finland, Denmark)
  • £16.15 (USA, Canada, Australia)

A thing of beauty

Combined with Michele Fiori's YASI/Protector wrap, the YASI overlay packed a stunning visual punch unimaginable during the Vectrex's early 80's heyday.
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Photos by Chris Parsons, aka cNp.

This article was featured from July - August, 2016.

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