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Vectrexians Deluxe

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Developer Kristof Tuts
Publisher Tutstronix
Release Date September, 2008
Genre Shooter
Mode(s) Single player?
1-2 players alternating?
Media Cartridge


Vectrexians started as a ROM release only to be played on Vectrex emulators (rather than being on cartridge) back in the late 1990s, created by Kristof Tuts. It was a clone of the arcade game Galaxian, where the player(s) controlled a ship at the bottom of the screen that shot at a formation of aliens. The aliens would peel off from the main formation and swoop at the player, along with attempting to bomb the player with shots. If an alien made it past the player without being destroyed it would reappear at the top of the formation again.

After years of abandonment, Tuts began his final work on redoing Vectrexians, adding several features to it, such as selecting difficulty levels, animations, an introduction, and a pause button, among other things, and he finally released it in cartridge form in 2008.

A contest was also announced for the first person who beat Vectrexians (it only has 20 levels) and sent Tuts proof of this accomplishment, which the winner was only identified as “WizdawG”, who had made a video of the end of the game. The prize for WizdawG was announced as to being completed on June 23, 2008[1].


The Vectrexians Deluxe cartridge was made in a special red case (rather than the original black) and sent to WizdawG, having several new bonus features not found on Vectrexians, like being able to change the appearance of the enemy alien fleet to Mine Storm ships, changing the starry background, selecting the end-game animation directly, and having extra text in the reset screen of the game[1]. Only one copy was made, instantly making it one of the most rare Vectrex cartridges, along with joining the rank of a few homebrews that only had one copy made as well, such as the “Omega” copies of the FURY games of I, Cyborg, Vector 21 and War of the Robots.

The cartridge was sent to WizdawG on September 17, 2008[1].


Tutstronix' official site


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