Here is Vectrex news for July 4, 2011:

New hardware projects! (Vectrex music)Edit

A do it yourself MIDI interface project for the Vectrex was announced on Sebastian Tomczak's (aka little-scale) blog, which can be seen here.

A video along with step-by-step instructions on how to build your own VecM has been promised soon as well.

Debris Revisited high score contest results/new gameEdit

The Debris Revisited high scores for the contest have been announced, which can be viewed here. Also, Revival Studios's new game of Shifted, a puzzle game, has been announced as well.


Two homebrews, the Armor Attack Remake and Armor Attack Advanced were created and videos posted of their gameplay on the YouTube user channel makenshi2 (plus his site can be seen here). The games were created for the PC, PSP, and PlayStation3, which Advanced has various new features, like several settings (including many more tanks appearing as well as two helicopters!), power-ups and color!

NOT going down with the ship?Edit

The Vectrex database web site, which had been around for years, suddenly disappeared several weeks previous, but luckily permission was given (and accepted) for to host it, along with the possibility of a copy backup planned by VectrexMad! to host it on his site if a “just in case” scenario were to happen. Thanks, guys!

New poll addedEdit

Since the last news update, a poll was added for what you wanted most from the Vectrex that wasn’t released, so go vote for whatever vaporware you wanted the most if you haven't already!

...and one last videoEdit

YouTube user schoolgirlshortdress (who did videos of getting past level 20 on the second U. S. version of Mine Storm a while back) posted a video of Mr. Boston gameplay. Schoolgirlshortdress said in a comment it was played on an actual Mr. Boston cart, which is one of the rarest and most sought after Vectrex games. The video can be seen here.

And finally, happy Independence Day to our U. S. friends, as we hope you have good barbeques with friends and family, or if it rains, stay inside and play some video games (like the black and white kind)!

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