Here is the Vectrex news for June 8, 2011:

A new, a delayed, and a re-release from FURY?Edit

War of the Worlds was just released from FURY, which can probably be described as an "enhanced port" of the obscure Cinematronics arcade game of the same name.

Unfortunately there has been a delay announced for Warrior, pushed back to October now. However, I, Cyborg saw a re-release as well! FURY has created an extra 50 copies of the game for those who may have missed out on it initially, so if you want a copy of it, now's your chance!

Several additionsEdit

Originally a stub, Mine Storm 2 has been made into a full article, the little-known Mine Storm III was added, a review for Royal 21 was also written (scroll down to the bottom of the page to read it under Links), a new poll was created in regards to how high you rank the Vectrex, and as was promised on the previous news update, a big catalog of non-gaming Vectrex demos page was also created as well, going over various Vectrex oddities and the like. Whew!

How are we doing (again)?Edit

As of only a few weeks ago, this Wikia finally got enough unique visitors to begin showing up on internet search engines; originally when a search was instigated for "Vectrex Wikia", the press announcements advertising the site at the Stage Select,, the Vectrex Museum, etc. would show up, but not this site itself. Only recently has it begun showing up on Yahoo! and Google searches (and probably others).

Unfortunately as was reported earlier that it took a few months for the front page to hit 1200 views, that total suddenly ground to a halt, as with most unique page totals as well. There is some kind of problem that was reported to Wikia nearly a month ago about page totals being frozen, and when they were contacted again last week they said it was still in their active bug report. So unfortunately we cannot report on those numbers. (Sigh...)

And...another Vectrex YouTube tune!Edit

There doesn't seem to be an end to these this year! YouTube user TheJonnyPig made an "I love Vectrex" song, which will not only go through your head for a while, but also makes an interesting use of many close-ups of the machine to good effect. The video can be seen here.

And as Vectrex news seems to be slowing down for this time of the year, enjoy your summer (in the parts of the world where it is summer), stay inside and stay cool and play some games...

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