Here is the Vectrex news for the site for April 26, 2011:

New game pages (+ poll and promise)Edit

New pages for Verzerk (although just being a hack of Berzerk, the majority of the article is the same as the latter) and the Pong clones of Rounders and V-Pong were added since the last update, along with a poll in regards to checking Vectrex media (for news, new YouTube videos, etc.).

Also, there is going to be a very extensive page coming soon, in regards to a certain Vectrex genre that most forget or aren't even aware of, so be on the lookout for that in the coming days!

New Vectrex videosEdit

Even though there currently hasn't been a lot of Vectrex homebrews being released for 2011 as of yet, there is still plenty going on with the scene! For instance, YouTube user PavelSIF has made videos in regards to a Vectrex clone he is currently working on, and morgantj made a techno mix using Spike sounds!

And if that wasn't enough, infernolab posted videos in regards to Vectrex rarities he was selling, such as Mail Plane and Android Computer Graphics ROMs, as well as a Mine Storm hack known as MonStorm AND a test cart! (He would later sell off the collection to a lucky buyer.)

First of reproduction overlays rolloutEdit

As was promised months ago, VectrexMad! has created and made reproduction replacement overlays for Mine Storm and Pole Position. So if you want to order one or both, head over to his site for ordering information.

Old "news"Edit

And finally, even though it's not "news" -- as this was posted over five years ago -- it's still nice to see posts such as this that begs the question as to what a Vectrex and Quake 2 have in common. Yep, that's a Vectrex that was included in that map! So we had to share, for those who have not seen that page.

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