With a homebrew port of Fortress of Narzod being made for the Commodore 64 computer a year or two ago, it appears Spike has been done as well now!

Check out the YouTube video.

There's a nice rendition of the game logo, along with the game looking pretty much like the original, although, as it happens with trying to imitate vector graphics with raster, looks fairly static. However, there's also a nice ode to the screen overlay as a backdrop, the key to Molly's cage looks much more like a key this time around, plus the voices have translated well.

There's only a few minor differences, as well as having different in-game music. And even though it's eight minutes long, be sure to hang out to see what funny new thing happens once the game is over!

EDIT/UPDATE: as it turns out, this came out nearly a year before this news item was printed. However, this is the first video that has been released on it (now, someone needs to come out with a video for the work these people did on updating Mine Storm too...).

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