Here are some Vectrex news items for February 20, 2011:

More Vectrex YouTube stuff (oscilloscope)Edit

For those that don't know, an oscilloscope (which a Wikipedia article on it can be seen here) is an electronics' test instrument showing signal voltages, displaying the results on x- and y-axis' (sound familiar, like how the Vectrex' lines are drawn?).

Older oscilloscopes used cathode ray tubes as their displays, but the modern ones use LCD or LED screens. So what do you do with one of these old oscilloscopes? Hook up a Vectrex emulator to it from your computer, of course! YouTube user chipos81 did that, which his video of his results (although they are pretty rough) can be seen here.

People are just not going to run out of ideas in regards to new things to do with their Vectrexes, are they?

Vectrex polls addedEdit

Seven polls were suddenly added this week! Go here to check them out and cast your votes!

Ville Krumlinde page addedEdit

As was mentioned with the last news update, a page on Ville Krumlinde was in the works, which it has since been completed and is now up. So read all about the man behind Thrust if you haven't already!

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