Here are some Vectrex news items for February 1, 2011:

New a handheld unit?!Edit

Vintage Trademarks looks to bring back old trademarked products to the present, with some of their quests involving camera, cosmetic, and even antique vehicles.

Under their Electronics tab is the very familiar Vectrex. As can be seen on the Vectrex relaunch pages, a rebirth of the system was originally slated for 2006, but obviously this did not come to pass. However, an e-mail was received from a representative named Julien in regards to their future plans:

You are right, the Vectrex project was hard to relaunch in 2006… The idea was to do a “joystick with Vectrex Games” inside, as it has been thought for Coleco, Sega, but we didn’t find the proper financial partners…

Now, we are teamed with a young and enthusiastic artistic gaming team, inspired by the visual potential of the vintage console to provide their own vision of the Vectrex experience in 2011. We let them free to express their talent, so to taste their fruits lately in 2011. If you follow the Vectrex news, I guess you will hear from us in the coming months,

Gaming Regards,



More news as it emerges!

FURY releasesEdit

FURY just released their Zantis game, which is loosely based on the Spiders arcade game. However, the pace is much quicker, rather than just moving the player's blaster left and right, they have more space in the bottom of the screen area to move about (a la Centipede), as well as there being bosses, which was not in the original, among other additions.

Also, War of the Worlds, also based on an arcade game (from Cinematronics), has been announced as a release for March 17.


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