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Forget the pixels and the pre-rendered backgrounds, this is a lines-only zone! (Not counting a few of the bitmapped homebrew games, of course!)

So far, there are 311 non-raster articles online since November 2, 2010.

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  • 7/10 Review added for .--. .- -. --.. . .-.. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Tabber to see what rating it got. The game also got added to the How to enlarge your Vectrex screen and Vectrex poems pages as well, so see what new info those entries received as well.
  • 5/10 Android Computer Graphics page added. This was the program used for some of the graphics in the infamous Android movie.
  • 3/20 War of the Worlds Time Rift started as a stub last month but became a full page today.
  • 3/19 Pole Position started off as a stub over four years ago, but just got a bit of a makeover, with a lot more info added, errors corrected, and a review added. So click on the Tabber at the bottom of the page to see how it placed (har).
  • 3/15 Review added to Spinball. Click on the Tabber at the bottom of the page to see how it ranked.

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Like the Defender original, the player controls a ship that flies over a planet's surface. The Vectrex community was taken by surprise in 2003 when the announcement of the upcoming, original release of Protector LE was revealed, as programmer Alex Herbert envisioned that the arcade classic of Defender could be brought to the Vectrex. (The rest of the article can be read here.)

(Previous featured articles can be seen here.)


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    Comment: Thanks for referencing my original 1995 guide on using Sega Gensis Controllers with Vectrex.   Brian Holscher

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