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Welcome to the Vectrex wiki! A place for all Vectrexians to gather to discuss the best -- and only -- vector gaming system ever made!


Forget the pixels and the pre-rendered backgrounds, this is a lines-only zone! (Not counting a few of the bitmapped homebrew games, of course!)

So far, there have been 317 non-raster articles put online since November 2, 2010.

New content[edit | edit source]

  • 1/3/2021 Every Day Is Halloween page added. Happy 2021!
  • 3/28/2020 Galaxy Wars : Space Launcher page added.
  • 7/6 The H. A. A. G. 2018 expo page started off as a stub several months ago but is now complete with a chockfull of info. Two Vectrexes were present.
  • 2/9 Stramash Zone page added.
  • 1/21/2019 It's a twofer! Two features were added to the Big Blue page: a strategy guide and a review. So click on the tabbers underneath Links on the page if you need some playing tips and to see if a reviewer thought the game swam or sank (sorry).

Featured article

The pseudo-3D, somewhat of a Donkey Kong knock-off of Spike garnered quite a little bit of attention, due to being the only Vectrex game that had speech (since the Vectrex was not capable of producing it), especially with the voices coming off as being funny to most in general, due to sounding like automated pieced-together voicemail recordings of today, as Spike’s girlfriend Molly said "oh, Spike" with little emotion after being rescued from Spud, Spike’s enemy. Spike's "darnit!" catch phrase had a bit more emotion to it once he lost a life in the game though. (The rest of the article can be read here in regards to Spike, officially and unofficially.)

(Previous featured articles can be seen here.)

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It can be confusing to new users to wikis in regards to submitting new pages, but it's fairly simple for creating new pages for the most part. Most situations for submitting new material to this wiki in particular will usually include:

1. In order to create a write-up about a game or programmer that does not have a page yet, users can click on either the list of Vectrex games or the list of Vectrex personnel pages, click on the corresponding name, and that will take you to the entry's new page for you to create.

2. If there is no page to one of the above, edit one of the lists, add the game or personnel name (just make sure to encase them in double brackets so a page will appear when it is clicked on), Publish it, then click on the entry.

3. Do a Search (the magnifying glass slightly right at the top center) for the subject you wish to create an article on; if no article appears, slightly below right of the Search field (right next to the number of pages) is the Add new page icon. Click on that and you'll be taken to a new page and you can start typing to your heart's content.

4. If passing along your story in regards to getting your Vectrex (and/or your experience with the machine), perform step #3, then type in "Vectrex Stories: _____" (your user name or what you'd like to be identified as) to start that up.

If there are any questions, either leave them on this discussion page or this wiki's founder's page. There's also the How to write an article page to read up on formatting for this wiki in particular.

Thanks, and good luck with writing and editing!

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