The Vectrex and me... A true love story!

My Vectrex story is probably different from all the others, considering I am a HUGE Vectrex fan that's only 15 years old, but here it is.

In late 2010, I discovered a game reviewing channel on Youtube called "InecomCompany" (Classic Game Room), and I really liked their Atari 2600 reviews. (Yes, I'm a bizarre teenager that not only likes the Vectrex, but also the 2600 and many other classic systems.) So, the guy once reviewed a console called the "Vectrex". I was wondering WTH is a Vectrex???, and I checked this video by curiosity. That was probably the best thing I did by curiosity!

So as I watched that video, I told myself "Man! This looks so cool!" So I begged my parents to let me go find one on Ebay. They eventually accepted, so I started checking, hoping to find that console. Two months later (and thankfully before Christmas), an auction with a CIB Vectrex with all the MB games popped up on the French EBay. There were two auctions in fact (I think the first auction was won by another kid that did not have his parent's permission to buy a Vectrex or something like that). I eventually won the second one, and 3 weeks later, the 25th of December, I opened three huge gifts: one for the machine itself, and two for the games due to all the CIB games. For the next year, I got hooked!!! I played the Vectrex all day long till Summer, when I purchased Minecraft. Eventually (I know I use this term a lot) the initial Minecraft fever worn off, so I went back and played MOAR Vectrex. Today I still play the Vectrex from time to time, but it is still loads of fun :)

This article was featured from October - December, 2013.

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