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Vectorbolt is a digest-size, full-color magazine for vector gaming enthusiasts published by George Pelonis of FURY Unlimited. It features game reviews and articles of interest on the vector gaming scene. Like this wiki, its content is strictly vector-only, although it expands beyond home vector gaming to also include arcade vector gaming. Raster games are only covered in the context of vector remakes or ports from vector to raster and back.


Its first two issues were published in 2014 and a third issue is in production with an anticipated release date in the first quarter of 2015. Issues average around 32 pages. Subscriptions and back issues are available for order at  The magazine is available worldwide with payments via PayPal.

Past issues[]

Issue #1, January 2014

Issue #1: January 2014 (released Feb. 2014)


  • Space Fury: The legacy (George Pelonis)
  • The End of An Era: The Vectrex games of John Dondzila (Eugenio Angueira)
  • Hellhole: Vectrex preview (George Pelonis)

Issue #2, April 2014

Issue #2: April 2014 (released Nov. 2014)


  • Tempest: Into the abyss (George Pelonis)
  • Vectronics 101: Build your own Vectrex controller! (George Pelonis)
  • Vectorzoa Retrospective (Eugenio Angueira and Kevin Armstrong)

Issue #3, July 2014

Issue #3: July 2014 (anticipated release: Feb. 2015)[]


  • Star Trek: The Vector Frontier, Strategic Operations Simulator, the Motion Picture
  • Raster to Vector Pt I:  Raster arcade games that went vector for Vectrex
  • Vector Arcade Holiday Road Trip: The search for vector games in today's arcades
  • Vectrex Skins: Michele Fiori's Vectrex wraps