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Flappy Bird migrates to the Vectrex Although the computing power of a smart phone is considerably more than the first home computers and games console of the 80’s, quite a few phone game Apps (especially those written by a single author rather than a full software house) fit the ethos of the early 8 bit games i.e. simple graphics and addictive game play. So it is not uncommon to see some of the popular games get ported to the computers and games consoles of yesteryear.

New Vectrex homebrewer Michael Simonds has recently released a free ROM binary download called Veccy Bird for the Vectrex. Veccy Bird is based on the popular mobile gaming app Flappy Bird and although the graphics are of course vector based it’s nevertheless a very faithful version. 

The idea of the game is to fly a bird between sets of oncoming pipes as they scroll across the screen. Control is simple and requires just one finger. One tap flaps the bird’s wings causing it to fly up. Gravity pulls the bird down. 

Like the original game, Veccy Bird is quite hard. Scores of 5 to 20 are typical. 

Veccy Bird is available right now. Just use Google to find it online.