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The VecFahren game over screen.

Developer Der Luchs
Publisher Luchs Soft
Release Date March, 2014
Genre Action
Mode Single player only
Media ROM file


VecFahren is a racing game set in a behind the player perspective.

Upon the start of a new game, a race course will automatically begin scrolling, as there is no accelerate, nor braking function available to the player. They must dodge oncoming cars for as long as possible in order to score as high as possible, as colliding with any car will instantly end the game.


  • Pass car–1 point


  • Start game–button 1
  • Return to title screen (after game)–button 1
  • Move car (right/left only)–joystick or D-pad


  • The game has VecVox/VecVoxx/Atari Vox+ support, as it states the name on the title screen, a “blip” sound is added whenever the player passes a car, along with a crash sound when the player collides with a vehicle. Without one of these devices, VecFahren has no actual in-game sound effects, just a musical soundtrack. If the player is able to make it through a game long enough then the soundtrack will loop back to the beginning.
  • Although not released until 2014, on the startup screen, there is a copyright date of 2013. Coding began for the game at the end of that year, then it was released several months later in March, 2014.
  • Although originally released as freeware, VecFahren could get a physical cartridge release at some point in the future, where it is planned to be released “with analog controls”.[1]
  • This is only one of a small handful of racing games available for the Vectrex, since, as of early 2015, the only other racing games for the system include Hyperchase, Pole Position, Vectrace (from Vaboom!/Vectrace) and the unfinished Vectropolis 500 demo (from Vectopia). Also, MVR Racing was announced a while back from Revival Studios, although it has not been completed, nor a ROM released. (A video of its demo can be seen here, starting at about the 6:39 mark.)
  • For those not fluent in German, one could input the word “fahren” into a translation program (such as Google Translate) and come to the conclusion that, with the word meaning “go”, the title could roughly translate as to being “vector/go”. However, the title is “a play on words. 'Wegfahren' means 'drive away', but we speak 'Weg' the same way as 'Vec'. So it was a Joke in german [sic], because many coders uses titles like Vec-This, Vec-That, so I wanted to make fun of it."[1]
  • In May, 2014, a video demo of a sequel of VECFAHREN 2000 was released, having a bit more of a futuristic look to the game, similar to the arcade game S. T. U. N. Runner. It also seems to be a cross between a racing game with shooter elements as well.



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