Background Edit

VOGELFUTTER is the second game in programmer Der Luchs's eight game freely downloadable game series programmed between STERNENKRIEGER and its following release. As a musician, these games were programmed quickly with a simple, no frills mentality similar to that of a "jam session". Most games were designed with intuitive game mechanics and a lack of things such as stages, levels, upgrades, bosses, etc., and in this way were not as much of an investment of Der Luchs's time as a larger release game as STERNENKRIEGER or Irrelevant. The original intent was not to be released as a physical cartridge and it wasn't until an almost unanimous public outcry that Der Luchs decided to combine the eight games with VecFahren for the release of the N. D. W. 2014 Multicart.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls a worm trying to escape from a bird. Should the player be caught by the bird, it will have its dinner. The mechanics are such that the player must avoid obstacles, progress as fast as possible and hide in holes when rest is required. The bird will get faster as time progresses, which requires the player to progress even faster.

Controls Edit

Main Menu Edit

  • Begin game-button 1

In-game Edit

  • Move player left or right-left or right on the joystick or D-pad
  • Progress worm-button 4

Scoring Edit

One point is awarded for each obstacle that is passed. The bird's speed will increase after 50 points have been earned.

Trivia Edit

  • Vogelfutter means "bird food".
  • Using an Autofire Dongle or autofire feature on a controller is considered cheating.
  • VOGELFUTTER inspired the Atari 600/800XL game Birdfood made by Mr. Atari.
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