Vectrex Wiki

About me[]

Into video games (duh!), digital photography, music (from pretty much anything from new age to death metal), law

Some links of interest (or not)[]

  • I have a vector gaming forum.
  • My YouTube channel (complete with, yes, several Vectrex presentations ;) )
  • I also have an abandoned places wiki! So if anyone's into that kind of thing, do feel free to drop on by! (Only a few articles thus far)
  • I also founded the Bottom of the screen shooter (BOTSS) wiki, my tribute to one of the oldest, yet still one of my favorite game genres, along with the Arcade preservation wiki, where you can immortalize anything from the crummiest little arcade that only had five games to the best one you ever went to in your life that had 80 or more machines, yet you can't find squat for either one of them on the net. No more!

Me at a gaming expo back in 2005 or something