I've been into classic/retro gaming before it was known as classic/retro gaming. My first memory of gaming was with a colecovision and the added atari expansion. The colecovision is (obviously) my favorite console although I play and collect for many different systems.

I also like to restore upright arcade games and have a small collection of about 10 machines in my basement arcade - many of the arcade machines I have in my collection seem to match with some of my favorite colecovision games - donkey kong, donkey kong jr, popeye, frogger, burgertime and galaxian just to name a few.  

I am not a competitive gamer but I'm always interested in beating my personal best. I also find that participating in high score competitions keeps games fun and pushes you to do your very best. I've won a few competitions: Vector Wars 2014 (IV), Vector Wars 2015 (V), Vector Wars 2016 (VI), Vector Wars 2017 (VII), Colecovision Trophy Cracking Content and TG 16 Season 5 on AA.

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