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Tsunami/Vix was released in 2002 by Christopher L Tumber. Like Omega Chase Deluxe, it was released in both an unlimited standard edition and a numbered Collector's Edition. There was no overlay and the cartridge came stored in a black VHS clamshell with velcro to secure the cart in place.

The cartridge includes 2 games, Tsunami and Vix. Tsunami is a clone of Tempest and included 5 different stages and 3 different ways to control movement- joystick, spinner or compass. Vix is a clone of Qix. Also included on the cartridge are a Magic 8 Ball program, a Saw Gallery Demo (comprized of 7 different visual demos) and a message that reads "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" accessible by pressing the 1 button.

This game originally sold for $20 (regular edition) or $50 (collector's edition) and has long been out of print though the binaries are available for both Tsunami and Vix