Also known as 50TBRD on some game-related forums. While most of his Vectrex contributions are graphic design, he has also done a few projects to help preserve and gather information. Among public artistic contributions are original overlay designs for Protector, VecFahren, Zantis, War of the Worlds and Gravitrex, reproduction overlay designs for Cube Quest, Pitcher's Duel, Vec Sports Boxing, Logo, Star Sling, and VeCaves, custom VHS box art inserts for Irrelevant, City Bomber Standard, VecMulti, Zantis and several original games, as well as reproduction logos for Mail Plane and logos used in the Vectrex Manual2 project.

Attempts at gathering information have included research for the Most Exclusive Vectrex Releases article and The Definitive Guide to Vectrex Collecting, both of which include information gathered directly from the developers of the games and hardware, as well as a concerted effort to photograph every version and variation of Vectrex games.


Holcomb's The Most Elite Vectrex Releases and The Definitive Guide to Vectrex Collecting Wix pages

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