Computing and Vector technologies: Sean M. Kennedy's first exposure to computers was the 12-bit Digital Equipment Corporations PDP-8.

Running either O/S-8, or RTS-8 (depending on the testing and task) The first "Computer-based" game was Hangman

running as a FOCAL job. [HANGMN.FC 5 FOCAL Plays the game of hangman using HANGWD.FD file]

Oddly, when part of the system was converted to use the PDP-11 and visual status display using a Tektronix 4010 rather than an ASR-33 (DING!) the loudest thing running was the Fans for the PDP-11 chassis.

Booting was faster/easier since the system actually had a "BIOS" in EPROM that could boot RT-11, and the Monitoring Job it ran.

The Tektronix 4010 was the second Graphics Terminal Sean encountered.

The first "Vector Display" was a Cinematronics version of "Star Castle" Arcade game.

I found that "Flickering" on the 4010 was "pretty cool" since it worked in a similar manner to a Storage Oscilliscope that my father used to calibrate high-power Klystrons from Varian.

My First exposure to the Vectrex was by the same person who introduced the Tek 4010 and PDP-11 system, and wanted to see if it could be used for the same purpose. (Nothing came of the project, the Vectrex in question was used to play games...)


During the day Sean assists customers and partners with Application Development support for a world-reknown Enterprise computing vendor. (The part that was not sold to Google), as well as working part time with technologies like Raspberry Pi, and other Real-Time technologies and platforms.

Sean also previously worked at a System Integrator company that no longer exists doing IT design work for Broadcast  customers for Satellite TV, Conventional Television, and Internet Video on Demand technologies; Sean also worked with "kokovec" {AKA: Dan Siewers} on a project prior to his current employer.

Sean also flys aircraft that do not use an Engine during "normal" flight,  (Sailplanes) Somwhere in Canada during the "Non-Winter" months. 

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