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Schiffe Versenken is an unreleased fully playable game by Der Luchs. It was presented through YouTube on June 2, 2014 in finished form. Due to similarities to previously released mainstream games, Der Luchs has decided not to release it in its current form and has no plans to modify it to a level that he is happy that it stands as a unique enough game in its own right.


The player controls torpedo tubes on either a submarine or a battleship. Enemy submarines, patrol boats and battleships pass within range and the player must destroy as many enemies as possible in the time limit. The hostile ships do not shoot back; however, a glacier field separates the player from its targets. These glaciers cannot be destroyed, and since the torpedo tubes fire at fixed trajectories, timing is extremely important to hit its targets.


In-game controls are presumed as follows:

  • Fire far left torpedo tube-button 1
  • Fire near left torpedo tube-button 2
  • Fire near right torpedo tube-button 3
  • Fire far right torpedo tube-button 4


  • Destroy battleship-10 points
  • Destroy submarine-20 points
  • Destroy patrol boat-30 points


  • Der Luchs states that the game was inspired by Atari 2600-era games. Though the control scheme is very different, its gameplay is similar to that of Sea Wolf for the system and the arcade.
  • The name Schiffe Versenken translates to "ships sink".
  • Der Luchs made the game available to play at the 2014 E-JagFest in Mündelheim, Germany on November 15 and 16.