Vectrex Wiki


Developer Ronen Habot
Publisher Freeware
Release Date 2000, 2001 (demos)
Genre Action
Mode Single player only
Media ROM file


Rounders is an unfinished game by Ronen Habot, which is like a one player version of Pong.

As the name implies, the player’s paddle can be moved around the screen left and right in a circular manner, similar to several levels on the Tempest arcade game. Once the ball is launched and the player deflects it, it will bounce against the square area in the center of the screen and come back towards the player’s paddle again, which the player must deflect the ball back as many times as possible towards the center target.

One point is scored for every time the ball hits the center area, and after every 50 points their skill level will increase (for the first two skill levels), the ball will travel faster with each skill level and points per hit will increase as well. If the player makes it to the Super! skill level, their paddle will start disappearing; it will briefly reappear once the ball hits the paddle and again once it makes contact with the screen center.

If the player misses a ball it will count against them, and after all nine balls have been missed the game will end.


  • Novice level–one point per center target hit
  • Intermediate–two points per hit
  • Expert/Super!–three points per hit


Menu screen[]

Original Vectrex or modern modified controller

  • Choose between Novice and Intermediate skill levels–buttons one and two (note: even though indicated, the Expert level will not start if button three is pressed)
  • Start game-button three

Atari Driving Controller setup

(Note: the Atari 2600 Driving Controller needs to be plugged into port #1, and the Vectrex controller [or modified modern controller] has to be plugged into port #2.)

  • Choose/start game–Vectrex controller buttons one and two

Vectrosis Spinner setup

  • Choose games/skill levels–buttons one and two on controller in second player port
  • Start game--button three on second controller


Original Vectrex or modern modified controller

  • Move paddle–joystick or D-pad
  • Launch ball–button 4

Atari Driving Controller setup

  • Move paddle–dial
  • Launch ball–Vectrex controller button 4

Vectrosis Spinner setup

  • Move paddle–spinner
  • Launch ball–right button


  • Skill levels increase at 50 and 100 points, then max out at 175 when starting a game on the Novice level. When starting a game on the Intermediate level, however, the levels will not increase until the player scores 150, then maxes out at 225 points.
  • This game is a ROM file only, and has never been released on cartridge.
  • The game is not complete, as the most recent version of it was released in 2001.
  • Creator Habot believes that this was the first Vectrex game that enabled the use of an Atari 2600 Driving Controller.
  • The earlier V-Pong has a similar concept, although the player’s paddle is at the bottom of the screen and they bounce the ball off the top, rather than a center target, among other differences in gameplay.


  • Habot’s site (download game)