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International Play Your Vectrex Day Annual all Vectrex recognition day Acknowledging the original release of the Vectrex in November, 1982, this Day (always on the first) is for people to play their console, state what they played and/or take photos, make videos, or partake in some other miscellaneous Vectrex-related ritual. 1-2/2016 IMG 2210
3D Crazy Coaster Original GCE-/Milton Bradley-released game The player must ride a roller coaster as fast and as far as possible. Hills, turns, and various obstacles pose a challenge to the player to keep their passengers onboard. 3-4/2016 3d-Crazy
Vectrex Stories: Tony Holcomb Vectrex fan story Wiki member 50TBRD tells his story about how he got involved with the Vectrex. 5-6/2016 Forum new
Y. A S. I. overlay Specialized Y*A*S*I overlay Protector LE was a clone of the arcade game Defender. After the original version of the game sold out, the unlimited version of Protector/Y*A*S*I was released, with the newly-coded game of Y*A*S*I being included, which was a clone of the arcade game Space Invaders. Years later, a batch of professionally-produced Y* A* S* I overlays were commissioned by VectrexMad! in 2014. They were designed to capture the spirit of the original Space Invaders arcade artwork and were based on the ParaJVE overlay for Y* A* S* I. 7-8/2016 Detail
72 Game Multicart Multicart/hardware Released in 2008, this multicart contains every single official Vectrex game ever released excluding AnimAction, along with several homebrews, prototypes and demos. Includes a list of all included content on the cart. 9-10/2016 Multicart compare size
Shifted Modern day homebrew game Based on Pesky Marbles, a Java game made for cellular phones, the task is to combine three or more marbles of a specific colour next to each other to make them explode. In Shifted, combining three or more gems of the same shape next to each other will make them disappear. For combining gems, the player rotates the centre row, selects a column, and shifts the selected column up or down. The game is an improved version of Pesky Marbles with enhanced gameplay in challenge mode. 11-12/2016 Shifted
Spinball Original GCE-/Milton Bradley-released game This is the only pinball game to ever be released for the console. The player starts the game with five balls and the basic objective is to score as many points as possible by directing the ball to hit the various scoring targets available without losing the ball down the drain at the bottom of the table. 1-2/2017 Spinball-0
Android Theatrical movie with Vectrex appearance Currently the only theatrically-released movie to show Vectrex footage. Released in 1982, in the future, Androids are in hiding. Android Max 404 works as an assistant to Dr. Daniel on a space station where they conduct illegal experiments. Daniel's project of creating the perfect female android requires a human female to activate it. Max can be seen either playing a Vectrex or an emulator on the bridge during several scenes. 3-4/2017 Android DVD
Charles in Charge American television series with Vectrex appearance Half hour sitcom broadcast on American television network CBS. It premiered on Oct. 3, 1984, just a few months after the Vectrex Arcade System was discontinued. The show was a vehicle for teen heartthrob Scott Baio, who portrayed Charles, college student and live-in babysitter to a family known as the Powells. He eventually essentially became a member of the family. The show was cancelled after five seasons. The Vectrex was shown during a couple of scenes in the pilot episode. 5-6/2017 Cic dvd cover
Game (NEVER) Over Video game-themed creepypasta "Creepypastas" are short stories that are found all over the internet (wikis, YouTube, dedicated creepypasta sites) that are written in an attempt to scare the reader, having elements of horror, suspense, shock and/or gore. "Game (NEVER) Over" is a video game-themed creepypasta about a man who buys a game for his Sega Genesis, which strange things begin happening once he starts playing it. The Vectrex (along with a few of its games and hardware) gets several mentions in the story as well, which it is believed to this day as to being the only creepypasta with a Vectrex mention in it. 7-8/2017 Gameneverovervectrex
3D Scape Modern day homebrew compilation demo This is a compilation cartridge of three visual demonstrations of what the Vectrex is capable of. It features the 3D Landscape Demo, Performance VX and the Oldskool +3 Demo. 9-10/2017 3D Scape Cart
Veccy Bird Modern day homebrew game Flappy Bird began as an iOS and Android game in 2013, which had a rise in popularity that contributed to the brief 'flappy bird' craze of 2014 which spawned many copycats, imitators, and spinoffs. Veccy Bird is a Flappy Bird clone, which can be considered to be easy to learn but difficult to master. The player must fly Veccy bird between sets of oncoming pipes as they scroll across the screen. 11-12/2017 6gd2sj
Hyperchase Original GCE-/Milton Bradley-released game The player controls a formula one race car whose objective is to advance through the rankings and either make the best time or accumulate as many points as possible depending on the game selected. In Game 1, the player has unlimited cars and their goal is to finish the course in as little time as possible. In Game 2, the player receives 5 cars and the goal is to accumulate as many points as possible. One of the very few original sports games for the Vectrex. 1-2/2018 Hyperchase Complete
Vectrex Stories: Jesus Torres Vectrex fan story Wiki member CentauraJT (aka Jesus Torres) tells his story about how he got involved with the Vectrex. 3-4/2018 TwoSister

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Thrust Modern day homebrew game Port of the Commodore 64 game of the same name. Players must infiltrate a series of planets and take off with pods. 1-2/2011 Thrust
How to enlarge your Vectrex screen DIY guide Tells of how to make your Vectrex seem bigger with a magnifying sheet. 3-4/2011 Magpageonvectrex
Catalog of non-gaming Vectrex demos Catalog of demos This page is a description of non-playable Vectrex demos. 5-7/2011 Allyourbase
Catalog of Vectrex peripherals Catalog of peripherals, hardware and controllers See previous. 7-8/2011 3dimager
Mine Storm Original GCE-released game Built-in game for the Vectrex, being an Asteroids clone where players must clear out fields of mines of several different types. 9-10/2011 MineStorm
Vectrex Stories: Kokovec Vectrex fan story Wiki member Kokovec tells his story about how he got involved with the Vectrex. 11-12/2011 Forum new
Ville Krumlinde Homebrewer History of the modern day homebrew author of Thrust and ZSB. 1-2/2012 Ville fb
Revival Studios Modern day homebrew outfit History of homebrew outfit that produced Debris Exclusive Edition, V-Hockey, Shifted and more. 3-4/2012 Revival240
Milton Bradley Entertainment company Page on company that distributed the Vectrex in non-U. S. countries. 5-6/2012 Milton-bradley-logo
Continuum Modern day homebrew game Page on game where the player must solve 10 puzzles. 7-9/2012 Continuum
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Original GCE-released game Page of the shooter where the player, in a cockpit view, must clear sectors of enemy Klingon and Romulan ships. 10-11/2012 Startrek
Dan Siewers Modern day homebrewer Details his homebrew projects of the Vectrex, such as his Vectrex Multifunction Adapter, Vectrex Wireless Mouse, Becky's Message game and more. 12/2012-1/2013 VectrexMultifunctionAdapter
3D Imager Hardware add-on This is one of the original GCE-released add-ons that allowed games to be viewed in a 3-D perspective, along with seeming to be in color. 2-3/2013 3dimager
Vectrex Stories: VectrexMad! Vectrex fan story Wiki member VectrexMad! tells his story about how he got involved with the Vectrex. 4-5/2013 Forum new
All Good Things Modern day homebrew Page of modern day homebrew compilation cartridge comprised of clones of five games. 6-7/2013 Allgoodthings
Passport Catalog Page in regards to the catalog that was included with the purchase of a new Vectrex from back in the day. 8-9/2013 Passport
Vectrex Stories: KilleRotom Vectrex fan story Wiki member KilleRotom tells his story of how he got involved with the Vectrex. 10-12/2013 Spikecharacter
Polls Questionnaires Various user-driven questions all in regards to the Vectrex. 1-2/2014 Forum new
Vaboom!/Vectrace Modern day homebrew Page on modern day homebrew compilation featuring two action games. 3-4/2014 Vaboomvectracebox
Spike (character) Vectrex alumni Page in regards to Spike, the character of the original GCE game of the same name, along with his appearances in modern day homebrews, his enemies and the like. 5-6/2014 Spikecharacter
Atari clones on the Vectrex Original GCE and modern day homebrew clones This article covers both the original GCE and modern day homebrew games that have similarities with several Atari games on various platforms. 7-8/2014 Spikes water spree 90-2
List of Vectrex game easter eggs Gaming secrets This page catalogs various easter eggs (secrets) on various Vectrex games. 9-10/2014 Forum new
Clean Sweep Original GCE-released game Page on this original GCE game where the player must suck up dollar bills scattered around a bank and deposit them in a vault while avoiding bank robbers. 11-12/2014 Cleansweep
Vectrex Our beloved vector console Well duh, it's the reason why we're here! 1-2/2015 250px-Vectrex
Craig Aker Homebrewer Page on the programmer/creator of the homebrews of Nebula Commander and Revector. 3-4/2015 Craig Aker
VecAdapt Modern day hardware utility Page on this accessory that allows the use of unmodified Sega Genesis/Mega Drive controllers to work on the Vectrex. 5-6/2015 Vecadapt number 01
Omega Chase Deluxe Modern day homebrew game This was a clone of the arcade game Omega Race. It also included Zap, which was a clone of the arcade game Space Zap. 7-8/2015 $T2eC16VHJGwFFZSO-uchBRbvRUF!vQ~~60 57
Vectrex Stories: Andy Garton Vectrex fan story Wiki member Andy Garton tells his story of how he got involved with the Vectrex. 9-10/2015 Agcoll
Vector Wars Vectrex high scoring contest Page tracking the history of the Vector War high score contests for the Vectrex that was started with Retrocade Magazine, then continued on the Vector gaming forums. 11-12/2015 Coleco1981

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