Pitcher's Duel
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Pitcher's Duel. Green case version released at Classic Gaming Expo. Photo © 2011 Chris Romero and

Developer GCE
Publisher CGE Services
Release Date 2007
Genre Sports
Modes Single player
2 players simultaneous
Media Cartridge
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Pitcher's Box (front). Released at Classic Gaming Expo. Photo © 2011 Chris Romero and

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Pitcher's Box (back). Released at Classic Gaming Expo. Photo © 2011 Chris Romero and

Background Edit

Pitcher's Duel is an unreleased Vectrex sports-themed game title from the founding era of the Vectrex.

This title is the Vectrex's only baseball sports title to be released to date. While not a perfect reproduction of the game of baseball, this title is fairly accurate. A distinctive feature for this title is the inclusion of ESPN Strike Zone© style of view during the pitch.


At the start of the game Player 1 always pitches first. If a two player game is selected, then Player 2 will be at bat. Standard rules for baseball apply, however fielding, throwing and base runners are all controlled by the computer. Other features of Pitcher's Duel include a foul ball after two strikes is considered a strikeout, base runners always round the bases, if the ball beats the runner to a base then the runner is out regardless of whether there was a forceout and batters cannot be hit by a pitch.


Main Menu

  • Select between one or two players-button one
  • Select number of innings-button two
  • Start game-button three

In-game (offense)

  • Move toward/away from plate-joystick or D-pad
  • Show scoreboard-button one
  • Power swing-button three
  • Normal swing-button four

In-game (defense)

  • Change position of the ball-joystick or D-pad
  • Show scoreboard-button one
  • Knuckleball-button two
  • Changeup-button three
  • Fastball-button four


Just as in baseball, a player must round all the bases to make a run. The team who makes the most runs wins the game.

Physical ReleaseEdit

A prototype of Pitcher's Duel was found though a private sale and was held until a high quality release could be done. Pitcher's Duel was eventually released at Classic Gaming Expo in both a retro-styled reproduction Vectrex box and also as a loose cartridge. In both the boxed versions and as a loose cart there were two major case colors offered: gray and green (shown in the picture).

Trivia Edit

  • Also offered at the CGE2007 auction for charity was one boxed version containing cartridge cases in gray, red, blue, and green.
  • CGE Services is responsible for Pitcher's Duel's physical release, which includes Sean Kelly, Joe Santulli and John Hardie.

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