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Definition Vectrex catalog
Released 1982
Media Printed booklet


The Passport was a catalog that was included along with several other items with the purchase of a Vectrex, including the Mine Storm instructions, an order form for Vectrex accessories, a savings offer for Electronic Games magazine for Vectrex owners (note: this was for U. S. customers only), the machine’s owner’s manual, and an order form for the Vectrex Owner’s Club. It was a 16 page, full color catalog, complete with an introductory overview and showcasing 12 Vectrex games, which included:

The games were divided into sections, being Intergalactic Missions (those of a sci-fi nature, being Scramble, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Cosmic Chasm, Rip Off, Space Wars, Star Hawk and Solar Quest), Terrestrial Adventures (Berzerk, Clean Sweep, Armor Attack) and Sporting Encounters (Blitz!, Hyperchase).

The catalog was released in 1982. It is unknown if a later edition of the catalog was released.


The Vectrex newsletter was also named the Passport, which was released in 1984. It was larger but used the same artwork for the Intergalactic Missions page of this catalog. It featured Vecto, the Vectrex mascot. Only one issue was ever known to have been printed.


Scans of the catalog (along with the aforementioned Electronic Games magazine offer) can be seen in the Gallery here