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Omega Chase Deluxe

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Developer Christopher Tumber
Publisher Capital S Software
Release Date 2000
Genres Multi-directional shooter
Modes Single player
1-2 players alternating
Media Cartridge
ROM file


Omega Race was an arcade game where players flew around a limited playfield while destroying objects. Unlike many other games where collisions with walls would destroy a player's (/s') ship, players could bounce off of walls in Omega Race.

Omega Chase is a clone of Omega Race, which was a free download. Omega Chase Deluxe was the physical cartridge release of the game, which also included Zap.


Omega Chase[]

The player(s) controls a ship in the Omega System. Fighters, Escorts and Freighters attack their ship and it's the player's job to destroy them first. They must avoid mines left by enemies and be careful when thrusting around the walls. Collision with either the enemies or their mines will result in losing a life.


The player controls the laser cannon on a space station while Bomber and Destroyers attack. The Bombers will send bombs on a collision course and the Destroyer will orbit the player's station. Action gets fast and faster, so the player's reflexes will need to as well. Miss a bomb and the player will lose a life.

Scoring, Omega Chase[]

  • Mine--0 points
  • Freighter--5 points
  • Escort--25 points
  • Fighter--50 points
  • Extra ship--every 500 points


  • Gravity Bomb--5 points
  • Bomber--10 points
  • Destroyer--50 points


Main Menu[]

  • Select between one or two players-joystick or D-pad
  • Select Omega Chase (original)-button one
  • Select Omega Chase Deluxe-button two
  • Select Omega Chase Deluxe with Infinite Lives (Collector's Edition only)-button three
  • Select Zap-button four

In-game-Omega Chase[]

  • Rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise-joystick or D-pad
  • Rotate counter-clockwise-button one
  • Rotate clockwise-button two
  • Thrust-button three
  • Fire-button four


  • Aim Laser-joystick or D-pad
  • Fire-button four


  • Omega Chase Deluxe was available both as an unlimited release and a limited edition Collectors Edition. The latter version allowed an unlimited lives game variation. 
  • The initial run of carts came as a PCB housed in a ColecoVision cart and featured plastic Omega Chase Ships on the bottom of the cart, one red and one yellow. There was no overlay and the cartridge came stored in a clear VHS clamshell with velcro to secure the cart in place. Later, it was made available in a reproduction Vectrex cartridge case.
  • The ROM itself included 2 versions of Omega Chase plus the game Zap (inspired by the arcade game Space Zap).
  • The unlimited release originally sold for $20.

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