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Michael Borrmann is a Vectrex homebrewer who released the games Blocks (a Vectrex game inspired by the classic video games Breakout and Arkanoid) and Vec Fu (a Vectrex equivalent of Mortal Combat - i.e. a classic "beat-em-up" martial arts game but for the Vectrex.

Borrman first started work on Vec Fu and released a demo in early 2007. It was a single player fighting game with a scrolling background.

However, on 22 May 2007 he made available the game binary for his later game Blocks. At the time Borrman stated that he needed a break from continuing coding of Vec Fu and had written Blocks. Blocks was a demo but was advanced enough to be playable.

Borrman's activities with regards to the Vectrex then remained quiet until 5th October 2010 where he announced on the release of a vastly updated version of his fighting game Vec Fu. His 2010 release transformed Vec Fu into a playable game. In the original Vec Fu demo you got just one enemy - a pole swirling ninja. In the updated version there are six more enemies (Hammer, Pole, Star, Sword, Chain and a final boss) each with unique fighting skills and all trying to defeat you as you beat each opponent. Borrman suggested that the boss might be disappointing for some Vec Fu players, because he had lost the original vector data for the boss character. Instead he used the data he had developed a few years earlier which is just of a walking animation. He also stated that a two player mode was planned, but along with some other good ideas, this never got implemented.

Graphically, the game is very pleasing. The silhouette style graphics representation is somewhat like comic book single pen stroke type art. However, the simple outlines managed to capture the form and flow of the different enemies.

On 20 April, 2012, Borrmann resurfaced again, posting on the Google Vectrex Group. On 10 May, 2012, he posted about a new Vectrex project he was working on, which was just a simple demo with the Vec Fu title screen as a placeholder. It is currently unknown what this project (only known as the "Test" ROM) will become.


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