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  • Hi, I had a question about something you had put in the 2 players simultaneous page, as I was going to make a few corrections/add links and all.

    When you said "Vectrex KI", I wanted to know what that was, or if you meant to say "AI" instead.

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    • Hi Darrylb,

      yes I meant AI and used the german KI instead. Thanks for pointing out.

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    • That actually isn't a problem, I just didn't know if it was a typo or what. I'm not going to demand that people use "American English" or anything like that (like "correcting" someone when they say something like "even though the Vectrex didn't have colour, blah blah", since "colour" is acceptable in several non-U. S. countries, as I just leave it).

      In this case, it can just read something like "Vectrex KI (also known as A. I.)" so it will be more universally understood.

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