Mateos Vectrex Burner-Dumper
MVBD small

Mateos Vectrex Burner/Dumper

Developer Juan Félix Mateos
Created 2013
Released January, 2014
Definition Vectrex ROM burner/dumper


The Mateos Vectrex Burner-Dumper (MVBD) is a device designed to burn binary code files into the Mateos Vectrex Rewritable Multigame Cart (MVRMC). This device can also dump the code from original cartridge games developed by GCE/Milton Bradley for the Vectrex based on PROM-like ICs, and that had been released as Public Domain.


The MVBD plugs into a computer through an USB port and disguises itself as a Mass Storage Device (MSD), as it is a pendrive, so the user will not need to install additional software to use it (apart from the USB MSD driver that is already included in most of today´s operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS and Ubuntu).

Features summaryEdit

  • Burn and dump ROMs effortlessly within seconds.
  • USB MSD device that does not need additional software.
  • Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu compatible.


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