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MVR Racing is a game that was announced in 2008 by Revival Studios. Its is an overhead racing game similar visually to Spyhunter or ABP for the arcade. This game would have been released following Shifted however Martijn Van Welting took a break from programming for the Vectrex to pursue projects on other platforms. So far, it remains an unfinished unreleased prototype.

At the beginning of 2015, Martijn announced that he would return to programming for the Vectrex and has stated to some people through email that MVR Racing is among the projects that he'd like to finish and release this year.

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The player controls a car which most get to the finish line, avoid other cars, stay off the guard rail, maneuver the turns and pick-up fuel.

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  • Among the things which have been said that MVR can stand for is Martijn's Vector Racing.

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