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Irrelevant was inspired by by LCD-style games. Creator Der Luchs stated that LCD games were a big part of his youth and games like Irrelevant and STERNENKRIEGER pay homage to those games.

On June 4th, 2014, Der Luchs offered Irrelevant for sale. It was his birthday and he was turning 34, so he made 34 copies available for purchase. Those who contacted him were given a choice of any number they desired which had not already been claimed. All copies had been claimed by the 6th of June. All orders were completed through Madtronix.

To Der Luchs, the title Irrelevant is a sort of inside joke relating to his stance on limited edition cartridges and a necessity of some collectors to own any game released for the Vectrex.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls two guards which must defend four openings in a rectangular-shaped confined play area. Drones emanate centrally and gravitate toward the four openings. As the drones approach these openings, the player must block them and destroy the drones. If any drone escapes the confines, then the player will lose a life and the level will begin again. Drones get faster and faster with each level difficulty increase.

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Main Menu

  • Begin game-button one


  • Move selected guard up or down-up or down on the joystick/D-pad
  • Select left guard-button three
  • Select right guard-button four

Scoring Edit

  • Destroy a drone-5 points

Trivia Edit

  • Only 34 copies were made. 34 was Der Luchs's age at time of release.
  • While other games were offered for download and BOMBENHAGEL was offered exclusively as part of the Madtronix Multicart series, Irrelevant was the first Luchs Soft game offered for sale.
  • When Irrelevant was advertised exclusively on the Luchs Soft website, it was already almost completely sold out by the time it was even mentioned on any video game forums.

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