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Definition Gaming expo
Location Houston, Texas, U. S. A.
Started 2002
Dates November 15-16, 2019
Vectrex role Several Vectrexes were present at the show.


The Houston Area Arcade Group, or H. A. A. G., is an annual gaming expo based in Houston, Texas, U. S. A. and was founded by Keith Christensen. Its first show was on May 25th, 2002 at the local Fitzgerald’s music club. 52 arcade and pinball games were slated to appear, all set on free play (after an attendant paid an admission fee), along with a Tron and a pinball contest were also held. People could also buy, sell and/or trade games, along with tips at a gaming clinic were held.

The show has since grown to having up to (or over) 400 standalone arcade and pinball games, along with guest speakers brought in for lectures, more contests/door prizes were included, an extra day was added to the shows, miscellaneous entertainment machines have since been brought in (such as slot machines, music videos, concerts and movie screenings were ran, many vendors have also been added along the years and kickoff parties have been held elsewhere before an expo.

Starting with the November, 2008 show, home gaming consoles were added to the lineup. The Vectrex has been present at several expos since, including the 2019 show.

2019 expoEdit

This expo was held on November 15 - 16 at the Marriott Westchase hotel in Houston.

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Vectrex appearanceEdit

The local to Houston Guru Guys brought in several Vectrexes. Included with the setup was a VecMulti loaded with games, copies of Vector Pilot and Vector Patrol and one of the Vectrexes was adorned with a Vectrexians Vectrex Wrap.

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  • Mention Vectrex games/clones
  • Thousands of games due to multis, MAMES, Pandoras Boxes, etc.


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