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Debris is a series of vertical scrolling space shooters released by Revival Studios. The original game was released in 2005 and was followed by Debris Revisited in 2010. Martijn Van Wenting has stated previously that he intends to continue the series with the release of a Debris 2 (D:2). So far, the graphics have all been rendered through bit-mapping, which is typical of Revival Studio's releases.

Releases in the Debris series[]



Future Releases (TBA)[]

  • Debris 2 (D:2)


Debris Exclusive

In 2005, Debris was released as two physical editions. It was never available for download and both editions were produced in limited numbers. Debris Limited Edition was produced with a number of 80 copies numbered 21-100, while Debris Exclusive Edition was produced in the amount of 20 copies numbered 01-20. There was no standard, slim or unlimited version of this release as with other games by Revival Studios. Both editions came packaged as a PCB enclosed in a reproduction Vectrex cartridge shell. While Debris Limited Edition was sold as a cartridge, manual and plastic game box, Debris Exclusive Edition was sold as a cartridge, manual, professionally printed cardboard box and handmade overlay with Certificate of Authenticity.

Debris Revisited[]

Debris Revisited

In 2010, Debris Revisited was released and was an upgraded version of the 2005 version including more levels, faster gameplay, varied enemy attack patterns, and a bonus mini-game entitled AstroDodge. This version did receive a standard unlimited version as well as another limited edition version. The standard unlimited version of Debris Revisited was packaged as a PCB finished with high quality stickers on both sides, manual and plastic game box. The limited edition version was called Debris Revisited VIP and was mostly available only to people involved in the development of the game and privately to more well-known collectors. This version came packaged as a PCB enclosed in a reproduction Vectrex cartridge shell, manual, professionally printed cardboard box, handmade overlay and plaque containing the Certificate of Authenticity. This were all numbered from 01-20 and featured all hidden game modes and options available.

Debris 2 (D:2)[]

This game has been discussed as a future release for a few years, and with the public announcement of Wenting's return to Vectrex development in the beginning of 2015, it may be a game which is available very soon. Here is an excerpt from an email which relates directly to its release.

"When time allows, I'll work on D:2 (Debris 2) as 2015 marks a 10 years anniversary of Debris. This game is already in early development stage, but many technical hurdles to overcome as I'm currently pushing the technology a bit too much (3D vector backgrounds with bitmap player and waves of 5 bitmap enemies on screen ;-)"