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Cube Quest is an unreleased prototype for the Vectrex. As the story is told in the Cube Quest manual, developers of the game Cube Quest only used the Vectrex as a test platform to flesh out concepts they would later use in a game not intended for the Vectrex. The ROM was held onto for decades until the Classic Gaming Expo in 2002, where a relatively small production of GCE style physical releases were made to be sold at the convention.


The concept of Cube Quest is that of a "cat and mouse" or "tag" style game. The player controls a ship whose objective is to reach the enemies' base and return to home base while evading the enemy's ship referred to as "Muthas". The player, the Mutha, home base and enemy base are all on a wire-frame cube. The player may move one space at a time just as the Mutha may only move one space at a time. The mission will be complete once the player returns to the home base.


Main Menu Screen

  • Select number of Muthas-button two or three
  • Begin game-button four

Controller Select

  • Single controller game-any button(controller one)
  • Two controller game-any button(controller two)


  • Select position-joystick or D-pad
  • Toggle on/off position text-button one
  • Toggle cube or rube-button three
  • Reset-button three
  • Select position-button four

If two controllers are selected

  • Rotate Z angle/Z face-button one
  • Rotate Y angle/Y face-button two
  • Rotate X angle/X face-button three


There is no score. The game is either won or lost. If a Mutha catches the player, "Mutha destroys the Player" will be displayed. "Mission Complete" will display when the game is won.


  • Though the box states "This package contains one Cube Quest cartridge, color overlay and complete instructions," no overlay is included. An overlay design is depicted on the box front though.
  • The ROM has never been released. The CGE replica is the only way to play.