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A color wheel is a disc-shaped object for use with the 3D Imager. When placed in the 3D Imager, it gives both the illusion of a 3D effect and colored vectors designated by the programming in the game the Vectrex is running.

Original Color Wheels[]

There were two different color wheels made and sold originally for use with 3D Mine Storm, 3D Narrow Escape and 3D Crazy Coaster. Both discs used translucent red, green and blue to tint the vectors, though there were different distributions given to each color. Half of the color wheel is always opaque black.

While 3D Mine Storm had its own designated color wheel, 3D Narrow Escape and 3D Crazy Coaster were packaged with the same identical one. The homebrew games 3D Sector-X and 3D Lord of the Robots had options for use of either color wheel.

Reproduction Color Wheels[]

A reproduction 3D Imager has been made by Madtronix and utilized color wheels of an entirely different design, which is not interchangeable with original color wheels or original 3D Imagers.

An attempt at making a faithful exact replication of the original color wheels was attempted by Jason Bardis utilizing 3D printed plastic hubs and tinted laser-cut vinyl wedges; however, the project met with a number of impediments that made it only come to near completion and the parts were discarded unfinished.


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