Developer Michael Borrmann
Publishers Michael Borrmann
Release date 2007
Genre Action
Mode Single player only
Media ROM file


Blocks is a demo ROM file that can currently only be played on emulators or for those that have a VecFlash or similar item that can load ROMs onto a Vectrex.

The game is Breakout clone, although it would eventually become more like an Arkanoid clone if it gets finished, complete with enemies and various other additions[1].


Once a game has started, the ball will automatically launch and the player must deflect it with their paddle back towards a wall of blocks. Each bottom row block takes two hits before it is removed from the screen, whereas blocks anywhere else on the screen take one hit from the ball before disappearing. There are currently no sounds, the game will end if the player misses the ball and if the wall of blocks is cleared a new wall will not come up.


  • Start game–button 4 on title screen
  • Move paddle–left and right arrows on keyboard or D-pad or left and right on Vectrex controller (if played on a Vectrex)


  • The demo was released in May, 2007 as a break from coding the Vec Fu demo.
  • Programmer Michael Borrmann had stated that “This is pretty much in very early beta stage, the collision detection is still a mess, the game restarts if you miss, the first line next to the pad needs two hits, and nothing spectacular happens if you clear the stage...”[1] in regards to the game’s present state.
  • The title screen currently seems like there are going to be a few features, as it has the words “arcade” and “2 plavs” (or possibly “plays”, for players) after the title screen, although neither option can be chosen, as pressing 4 will just start the game.
  • The game looks pretty similar to Breakout, the hidden bonus game on Vecmania, with the blocks not having a “full” look, probably due to the infamous Vectrex slowdown if too many lines are drawn onscreen at once (see Gallery for comparison).
  • The graphics look a little different in ParaJVE (see Gallery and Atari Age postings), as a few objects look different than they should.




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