The term Action is often used to designate a genre defined by fast-paced gameplay with a focus on usually movement and combat. As a genre, it is a very broad term, and is generally used to define games that do not fit into more specific genres, such as a puzzle game, platformer, racing, FPSs, or RPGs. It is not uncommon to see elements from other types of games incorporated in action games; as a result of this, many use the term Action-Adventure to designate action games with an increased focus on exploration, collection, or character building, for instance. Many of the other main genres do incorporate a level of control that the action genre is noted for; while First Person Shooters are based around moving and shooting, they are classified as they are due to the unique perspective of the game. Similarly, platformers tend to be action games with a heavy focus on jumping puzzles.

Vectrex games that go under the action genre include Spike Hoppin', Pole Position, Blocks and Breakout on the Vecmania release.

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