AVE MARIA! is an unfinished game and was one of programmer's Der Luchs's earliest concepts for the Vectrex.

Gameplay (In development) Edit

In its earliest concept, the game was very similar in gameplay to that of Astrododge, which was included with Revival Studio's release of Debris Revisited. It is a space "shooter"; however, the player's ship has no abilities to fire. Instead, the player must avoid all obstacles which are asteroids that have various trajectories.

Der Luchs was not aware of Astrododge and wanted his game to be unique in its own right, so he decided to add to its gameplay features by making it a rescue game. The added features made it so the player must use a tractor beam with close proximity to save the souls which have been stranded by a space crash. While the objective is always that of a rescue mission, there was an update which included a third level. In addition to the asteroids, the player must also avoid homing missiles. Intro music as well as in-game music was also included.

The latest update on February 8, 2014, showed a video where an enemy ship flew around the screen and fired at the player. Presumably since previous gameplay didn't include the ability to fire, the player would have to avoid this ship for a specified amount of time or until help arrived. No further work has been posted regarding AVE MARIA!; however, Der Luchs has stated that he intends to continue work on this game.

Controls (speculative) Edit

The ship's movement would be controlled by the joystick or D-pad and some button would be designated to control the tractor beam.

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