3D Sector-X


Developer George Pelonis
Publisher FURY
Release Date 2010
Genre Puzzle
Mode Single player only
Media Cartridge
Followed by Sectis


(from the instructions) Journey to the legendary Apocalyptic City. Wage war against the gods of the Netherworld. Reign as Overlord of a searing, skyscraping Hell on Earth!


  • Steer ship–joystick or D-pad left and right
  • Thrust–button 3
  • Fire (when applicable)–button 4


  • 3D Sector-X has to have a 3D Imager or modern day reproduction in order to be able to play. It will take either Color Wheel, although the 3D Narrow Escape/3D Crazy Coaster wheel is recommended. The reset button must be pressed at the end of a game in order to play again.
  • This was the second homebrew game ever for the 3D Imager, and the first total 3-D game, as the first 3D Imager-required homebrew was Lord of the Robots, although it only needed the 3D Imager when played in 3-D mode, as it also had a 2-D mode that did not require the Imager.
  • The included instructions were very scant, barely having any information in regards to the gameplay at all, giving the player a more open-ended experience in discovering gameplay.
  • This was the first in a series of five games, as 3D Sector-X was followed by Sectis and Continuum, will be further continued with Hellhole: Sector-X IV, and will be concluded with a fifth Sector-X game (originally titled Sector-X V: The War in Heaven, but this has been cancelled for now as the series has taken a new direction).
  • The opening music is the same for the first three games.
  • A very limited edition of 3D Sector-X Hell's Fury was also released.

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