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Games that offer a 2 players simultaneous mode can support two players onscreen at the same time. There are several Vectrex games that offer this option. With the Vectropolis 500 demo, included on the Vectopia cartridge, there is even a playable demo that allows four players to play simultaneously. 

Berzerk Arena by Alex Herbert is played on two Vectrexes using a Veclink cable. 

There are games where the players play against each other as well as those where the players play cooperatively against the Vectrex AI. Cooperative games usually show separate scores for each human player, so within a co-op game players can compete with each other for the highest scoring.

The Vectorzoa game Star Sling offers both, a two player versus as well as a cooperative mode.

List of Vectrex games that allow simultaneous multiplayer:[]

Original games "Player versus Player"[]

Homebrew games "Player versus Player":[]

Original games "Cooperative"[]

 Homebrew games "Cooperative"[]