Vectrex Wiki

This is a list of Vectrex-related products, games, demos, events, miscellaneous stuff and controllers released during the year 2018, along with events that occurred.

Binary Star Software[]


  • MiniVex Pedal I
  • MiniVex II


Der Luchs[]


Tom Dunk[]

  • Vect-Rex Vectrex Multicade

H. A. A. G.[]


  • Vector Gunner


Packrat Video Games, LLC[]

  • Karl Quappe
  • Release

Pforzheim University[]

  • Advanced hardware-oriented C and Assembly Language Programming

Oliver Radford[]

  • Vectrex RadPad Controller

Revival Studios[]

Dan Siewers[]

  • Nikki's Adventure

Vector gaming forums[]

Vector Republic[]

Vectrex wiki[]

Vectrex world[]

  • Closes


January: MiniVex II released
Feburary: Vectrex world shuts down (24th), Blackout released
March: Advanced hardware-oriented C and Assembly Language Programming starts (16th), Nikki's Adventure released (21st), Vect-Rex Vectrex Multicade created
April: Karl Quappe, Release and Big Blue (U. S. GCE-styled box) released
May: Big Blue (blue circuit board version) and Stramash Zone released
June: RushHour and MENSCHENJAGD released, 3D Scape, Climax Slideshow and Performance VX re-released, Big Blue released (Bandai-style version)
July: Advanced hardware-oriented C and Assembly Language Programming class ends
August: Spin-Cart and Every Day Is Halloween released
October: Vector Gunner released, H. A. A. G. 2018 expo held (19-20th), Vector War VIII starts (28th)
November: Player 2 released, International Play Your Vectrex Day held (1st), Vector War VIII ends (4th)
December: Chimney Hunt, Jingle Bell Hero, Vectrex RadPad Controller released